Granny Turismo

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We’re on the road to nowhere

... but we’ll be back by teatime!

Technical Requirements

Although we don’t want to be any trouble there are some things that make a difference! A nice cosy dressing room/set up space. With doors a minimum 36”/ 92cm wide, with ramped or direct access to the performance area. Mains supply to recharge our machines. A table and chairs. Refreshments (sherry optional).

  • Granny Turismo can be booked as a 2-6 person promenade / walkabout show.  On some days we can be in two places at the same time!
  • We are happy/safe performing in restricted or open spaces – though bigger the space, bigger the crowd!
  • We like to play our music LOUD! Please take this into consideration when making a booking.
  • We can ride on most terrain – but snow, ice, mud or rubble prevents us from performing.

Always give us a call with your questions – one thing we Grannies have learnt over the years is that very few problems are insurmountable.

  • 137 ltr load capacity (2.8 standardised shopping loads as defined by the British Grocers Federation).
  • Multiple internal compartments for separation of hard and soft items.
  • Range of 15 miles fully laden (approx 4 visits to the big Asda).
  • Bus Lane Use permissions in place for 23 counties (exc. Central London).
  • Fastest top speed of all current UK legal shop mobility scooters.
  • Full In-Trolley-Entertainment (ITE)System: 2 x 200W RMS Dolby Stereo.
  • Optional extra: Under-trolley neon lighting system for that authentic pimped look.
  • Available in Turbo, Sport, Racing or GT styling. What does your Granny want!


Click on the manual to download load our full Technical Requirements and Risk Assessment