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Meet The Grannies

Doris, Marge and Mary attended the same dance class as young girls but were out of touch for many years until they met, quite by chance, on a Turkey and Tinsel weekend 2 years ago. Fate had obviously reunited them. After deciding that there was still life after their bus passes, they formed their troupe. They meet once a week in Waitrose car park to choreograph their snazzy routines, much to the pleasure of car park users who blow their horns appreciatively.

Recently the team have taken on some new members in order to fulfil their hectic schedule and what fun these girls are!

  • Margery Long

    Hails from north of the border but has lived most of her life in the south. Once a keen motor biker, she now combines her love of speed and the open road with her consuming passion – modern dance. Her claim to fame? She once played the ukulele on Opportunity Knocks. It didn’t.

  • Mary Barker

    She’s our giddy little kipper. But don’t let that fool you, having been the first ever girl apprentice at her local motor garage, she’s also the whiz mechanic of the group, the granny-fix-it. If you’re ever off your trolley she can help you! Currently free and single but certainly doesn’t want to be the rusty tool left in the box.

  • Doris Day

    Originally from Liverpool and our most senior member. While her private life is a bit of a mystery, she’s always the first to arrive every week and is quite the dare-devil rider. Deep & thoughtful, she is a woman of few words. The muscle of the group.

  • Betty Higgins

    As a young woman her dreams were shattered when forced to drop out from Beauty School for trying some unusual techniques on her classmates! Since joining the troupe she has really bounced back and is just so happy to be part of something again. What she lacks in social skills she makes up for in doggedness and commitment.

  • Gladys Go-Lite-Lee

    Gladys has had a gleaming career ever since being plucked from the nursery to become the face of Brasso 1946. A life in the ‘Business’ inevitably followed and her polished dance routines were noticed by the legendary John Tiller of the world famous Tiller Girls. The rest, as they say, is history!

  • Joy Toogood

    Joy is our little ray of  sunshine, she always has a cheery smile and a song in her heart . Her first name is Esmeralda but as we always say ‘Joy is her Middle name

  • Marlene Waddawangga

    Marlene is our Antipodean friend, she’s over in the UK looking for love ( and a Visa )  Marlene found her toehold in the entertainment business when she was declared winner of Miss Outback Beauty Award (Least Hairy).

  • Enid Brighton

    Enid doesn’t get out as often as she’d like nowadays due to her commitments at home – in fact you may recognise her from the Extreme Hoarders programme she featured in recently