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‘It’s one of the great acts. You were a total hit – as funny and outrageous as anything we’ve had in all my years.’ Stewart Collins, Director Henley Festival

‘The Grannies were a huge hit – I’d recommend them in a heartbeat.’ Sam Matthews, Kidderminster Arts Festival

‘ Without doubt one of the most enjoyed and talked about acts.’ Out There Festival, Gt Yarmouth

‘ The funniest and most wonderful thing in the festival.’ Professor Vanessa Toulmin - Showzam 2013

‘Pant-wettingly funny .’ Facebook Fan

We’re on the road to nowhere

... but we’ll be back by teatime!

Meet the Worlds first and only shopping

trolley dance display team . The ladies from

Granny Turismo have been delighting audiences

since 2009 are now one of the most talked-about

acts  around. The show has universal appeal and

is part walkabout, part circle show and wholly

engaging. When these girls arrive on their

suped-up shopping trolleys, everyone takes notice.

Over the past four years this merry band have

grown in numbers and there are now six grannies

available with spectacular dance routines and

immense impact - perfect for festivals , spectaculars

and parades ( we love a parade ! )

Some pictures from our first ever six granny performances for Showzam 2013 which included a routine specifically created for the Tower Ballroom Blackpool.